Sunday, May 2, 2010

1672 Game for 2011

As we are only a small club (understatement; we are just two) we have to plan ahead.
So planning about our new game has resulted in the idea about the 1672 period, the so called Dutch War between, mostly, France and the Dutch Republic.
We are now looking at figures as, although we have Dixon and Foundry, some additions are needed. Looking at Reiver (too big? ), Parkfield (too small) or  Copplestone (who only has some infantry). Front Rank has announced a new 1690 range who (although bigger fivures) could be used.

Another problem are the rules to be used. Maybe WECW could be used, but we are still looking further.

When we have news, it will appear here.


I still don't know what this picture has to do with Salute, but as a lot of people connecting with the show were wearing the Tshirt with this, I suppose it was the 2010 Salute sign.
But yes, the whole of the Alde Garde went to Salute again. Up at 5am, driving to Calais, taking the Eurotunnel train, have a 5 hour stay at Salute  nd went back the same route again.
Happy but exhausted I went to bed at 12pm.

We found it a good show with almost all the dealers there, some very good demo's. We spoke to old friends  and bought some stuff (although it wasn't as much as we anticipated but our pile of lead is enough to keep us painting for some time; so maybe we reach the age that we think more before we buy).

On the net a lot of picures can be seen, so just two. The first one a GdB game of Busaco with terrific terrain; the secons one of Blenheim with a lot and lot of figures on it.