Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crisis 2015

Well, Crisis 2015 is gone already.
A very nice show again, It is every year a joy to see a lot of people you know, talk to them about wargaming, rules, figures, olans etc etc.
Crisis was imho wel organised (parking was a problem, but that was not the fault of TSoa) so a big thanks to all the memebers of TSoA who made this show possible; it is a lot of work each year.

Some pictures of the show underneath. of other clubs and their presentations. Sorry but we haven't their names. Exept of course he first two as these are Barry Hiltons'presentations and we used BlB for our game at Crisis with our 1960 demo.

Some pictures of our Nine Years War demo using, as said, the BLB rules and 25mm.

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