Monday, November 28, 2016

The castle of Kessel, called Keverberg. Alde garde on tour

Near were we live, the castle of Kessel was restored two years ago. Although restoring took place in a modern way, we do like it and the restoration combine the older part of the castle with new, modern touches and is a now multifunctional building.

The castle is probably founded on a old Roman watchtower. Later appeared a wooden tower which was changed into a stone keep in the late 11th century, see drawing
In the 13th century the hill was steepened into a real motte and a stone ciruclar wall was built. so it looked like this:

In the following centuries the castle grows (see drawing), until it looked like this in 1739:
The castle had many functions but ended as a school for girls before WW2. 
But then, the war came in 1944 to Kessel and the retreating German army blew up the castle so it couldn't be used by the allied troops. It looked like this for years:
Various plans were made after the war for restoring the castle but, as always, the problem was money and it was decided to partially restoring the castle but then in a modern way; combining old with new into a multifunctional building.
the ruine

It now look like this; maybe not to everybodies liking:
  the new style

Some more pictures will appear on our site in "Alde Garde on Tour"

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