French Revolution: books

The following books are on this page:

1. Series: Les Batailles Oublies
2. Series: Histoire & Collections Uniforms Napoleonic Wars
3. Series: Osprey man at arms

1. Series: Les Batailles Oublies

Some books which may be of interest to you regarding the FR period are in the serie "Les Batailles Oublies". Although in French, they give information about not realy well known battles.

2. Series: Histoire & Collections

Of course there are more books in this serie but I just show those which are of interest to the French Revolutionary Wars up to 1801. These books are in English.


Bijschrift toevoegen

This last book from the H&C Stable is about the Battle of Marengo in 1800. 

3. Series: Osprey man at arms

In the wellknown Osprey series, various titles are about the Revolutionary period.
Of course in a lot of other books, this period is described briefly because it is the end op the period (last part of the 18th century) or the earlier part (when dealing in a book about the Napoleonic timeframe).

First some specific French revolutionary period titles:

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