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I'm glad to announce the appearance of a brand new book on the military history of the 80 Years War. It's the first part in a series initiated by the NIMH (Dutch Institute for Military History) and will end up in the present time.
This work pretends to deal with the development of tactics and strategies of both land and naval forces during this period.
I'm curious if the book adds some extra insight to the subject as some publications of the past years which I'll mention hereafter, didn't.
Unfortunately for English readers most books on the subject are in Dutch only.
I'll keep you informed.

Some other publications on the 80 Years War are:

The next one has also been published in English:

Olaf van Nimwegen: "The Dutch army and the early modern military revolution"


For some time already I'm gathering information on the military activity by Guelders against their Burgundian opposers during the beginning of the 16th century.
For the moment I'm busy researching the 1507 campaign when the duke of Guelders got military assistance of the French king which culminated in a true campaign in Brabant, however without coming to a final clash of arms.
Information is scarce and chronicles not always trustworthy as you might want them to be.
The challenge is to oppose a Low Countries scenario for a period that is dominated by the Italian Wars.


Welcome to this part of our blog.
The title refers to one of my favourite subjects: the history of the Duchy of Gueldres until it's ending in 1543.
However, also the 80 Years War (the Dutch struggle for independance from Spain) and the wars between the Netherlands and Louis XIVth France, have my special interest.

Of course, besides these favourite subjects, there are many more I find interesting, but life is too short to give them all the same attention.

I'll hope you'll find in the near future some matters of  interest on this part of the blog and hope to meet you on a regular base on this spot.


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