Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dutch National Heritage Day 2009

We presented four castle/siege themes on the Dutch National Heritage Day at Venlo on September 12th; our wargames demo with castle Ter Horst of 1368, the siege of Haarlem in 1572, the attack on Oudeschans in 1600 and the siege of a Vauban fortress of the Seven Years War period.

A lot of interested people visited the Heritage day and the spectacles presented by the late medieval reenactment Group "Gelres Overkwartier" and the "Santa Fe"group with their very good WW2 rolling stock. Our wargame presentations were also visited by many interested people of all kinds. As can be seen above, the reenactment Group Gelres Overkwartier was very interested in the model of the castle Ter Horst, which is situated very nearby their headquarters.
Also can be seen the "Blue Hussars" in their late 19th century uniforms who once were quartered in the "Frederik Hendrik"barracks in Venlo

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