Monday, April 18, 2016

Salute 2016

Salute 2016 is behind us as are the 1.000km we drove from the South-Eastern part of the Netherlands via a short train trip(Calais-Folkestone) to Excel London (and back of course; the same day).
It must be the 10th time we were at Salute although not all were at Excel.

As every year it was different to the former year; we noticed more fantasy traders, more space as the sitting space was removed and almost no themed (Steampunk) games -or we have missed them.

Happily there were the games we like; big historical games with great painted figures and terrain. Foremost, the game presented by Bill Gaskin and friends was the premier example of this kind of games but there were others, even some fantasy ones which took our attention.

As each year we tour the hall (traders and games together) but next year  I suyppose we first concentrate on the games, after that meet some old buddies and after that visit the traders we like (and there are a lot we don't care about).

Of course, a big compliment and thank you to the organisers for the show.

And now, pictures are due, so here we go