Sunday, October 7, 2012

Crisis 2012

As Crisis draws nearer, of course the Alde Garde is preparing for a game there. We wouldn't like to miss it; a new and bigger venue, more stands for selling stuff and probably more wargames demos.
We will be there.
As we couldn't find the time to present something completely new, we will present a 1812 Napoleonic/Peninsular demo in 15mm with Black Powder rules.
As our shako battalions wer only about 12 or 16 figures we have to expand them to at least 24 figures (but a lot will be in the 30/36 figure range so painting it is).
Also the terrain will be added.

Wereldfestival august 2012

Peter (which in fact is you know, half of our "club") presented on the Wereldfestival in August our 15mm India table as part of the history of India.
As this festival was meant to raise money for various projects in third world countries, our table was just  a fill-up of some empty space but it give some added information about the rich history of India.
Some photo's, and yes Peter has at last finished a new ship for the 7YW period.


On may 13th and 14th, the Alde Garde participated, together with about ten other wargamesclubs in the open day of the Dutch Army at Oirschot .
Various tables showed the history of, mostly, the history of warfare in the Netherlands or of the Dutch army. Starting with a Roman battle near Maestricht and ending with modern warfare, as Alde Garde we were in the middle period with our 1690 demo.
A lot of different visitors, from families to the commander of the Duthc army discoverd for the first time that something as wargaming (with figures I must add) exists so a promotion of the hobby it was.
Sadly, through a crash of the computer, our photos are disappeared so the first picture is of the THS site (German cavalry attacking Romans near Maestricht, the second from the Ministry of Defence.


Well, one way or the other,as you have noticed, blogging has been lagging behind. Hopefully we will pick up the pace as autumn and winter time gives longer evenings to type some inormation about the things we do. And also problems with the computer is hopefully solved so our website will be updated.

So some backlog of information.

Salute was great, seeing a lot of beautiful games and talking to other members of the wargames community is always rewarding. So thanks to the organisers.
As a lot of pictures have published since that time, just only one of the table we (and with us as lot of other wargames) liked the most, it was of course the 25mm Peninsular table; absolutely stunning.

We had our 1690 demo at FIGZ.
FIGZ was held in another (and in our opinion good) venue then last year but there were only a few visitors which is a shame.
Don't know exactly what the cause of that was (another wargames show reasonably closeby is probably one of them) but I think the organisers will to think what to do for next year.  They did a good job but a show simply need enough visitors to continue.