Saturday, December 27, 2014

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one way or the other, our website was hacked and we have problems to get it function again.

Gladly, Weebly came to the rescue and we have transferred a lot of material to: .

But that's not a problem for the users of the old site as you will be directed directly to the new site.

So we are restoring the site on the weebly adress and deciding on a later moment what to do with the old site.

If you have any questions or would like any additions, please let us know

greetings and a great 2015

Alde garde (peter & Jan)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Crisis 2014 Antwerp (2)

 Two pictures of the ACW battle by Stipsicz Hussars
I think the WW2 game by the twofatlardies

WW1 game

And some pictures of our 1507 Demo about a year in the Guelders war

Crisis 2014 Antwerp (1)

Crisis 2014 is history already.
As always a great show which earns a big thanks from us for the organising club TSoA and hopefully seeing you all in 2015.
Our demo was positioned, together with other, great demos and participation games, in the second hall. This year this hall had received new lighting so was now a great venue.

As we are just the two of use, we never have sufficient time to go around the stands and tables a lot so only a few photos are underneath.
Although a lot of WWII games were presented, none had a better layout then the battle of Keren. Great innovative terrain looking great.
some detail of the steep hill

WWII Flames of War

Battleground game by Gent-Brugge club 

Another WW2 game going on

A modern war, good looking table.

the Witte Ridder club with a flames of war game

WW1 Tannenberg with Crush the Kaiser rules. We must look into these to use with our 20mm WW1 figures

54mm figure battle. Always have a certain charme those big figures

a winter war (40K?) game

like the river terrain

a mighty castle

"Well lit" medieval tents  

French and Indian War was well presented with this demo

Monday, October 20, 2014

Preparation for Crisis

We are now painting and modelling for our new early renaissance demo for the Crisis show, As it is now only two weeks we are still painting figures, modelling terrain and neglecting our wifes. Which is a normal thing for wargames preparing for a show, I supppose.
The theme of the demo will be a  "what if" scenario in 1507 and will be depicting troops from Gueldres and France against Imperial troops.
Some pictures of the preparations

a regiment of Landsknechten almost finished

it's forlorn hope

the arquebus skirmishers

the pike block

Exhibition about Gueldres

In the Franz Pfanner Huis in Arcen, Netherlands, an exhibion was organised about the history of the Overkwartier van Gelre (or Gueldres). As the historical Gueldres is now partly Dutch while other parts are Germany, this exhibition was both in Dutch and German.
As Venlo, our home town, was situated in the Overkwartier our model of Venlo, used in our 28mm medieval demo, was used in the exhibion.
Some pictures are underneath.

Venlo, our wargames model

the four quarters of Gueldress, the Overkwarier  was the most southern part (in orange)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Impact Uden Wargames show in the Netherlands

Well, some pictures were already on the net of this show but we coulnd't resist to add some more. It isn't a big show but it grows every year, the organisers are enthousiastic and the sfeer is good. So a pleasant day to play and chat.
Thanks to the guys of the hiredguns wargames group for their work. and see you next year at Impact.

A WW2 game with an impressive amount of tanks

Ludwig van Dijk with his 1944 game, still under construction but nice to see.

 "De achterhoede" (well 50% of them in the picture) with their great Balkan war game. Looks good.
Figure painting with some great results; wished I could paint as good as this. 

Dynastopian battle

An impression of the competition

An impression of the hall. Nice and spacy and good lighting.THS from Germany with their game, they just had a break when taking this picture I suppose.

ACW game with Black Powder in 28mm. 

Petra and Peter Schulein with their Drop Zone Commander game. Always good to see and talk too.
We got some tips to make our modelships handier to transport, a possible plus for the future.
We had our SYW-India game with us; probably the last time we will show it in this set up, but who knows.

Peters' scratch built Indian guns are always getting attention, deservedly so.

As does the coastline with ship.