Sunday, November 3, 2013

Crisis 2013

Being back from the Crisis show in Antwerp here some pictures from the show.
As always a great show, a lot to see. Improvement on the catering were made and afaik no hick ups occured. Not counting of course the blue smoke that was seen some times.
A big thanks to all the members of TSOA for giving us the pleasure of spending our money.

And the link to their "offical report" about Crisis:

Starting with some pictures of our Demo: Guelders vs Guelders or the fight for the inheritance of Guelders in 1373. We (or better peter) had build part of the walls of the city of Venlo under which the armies of both sisters (both possible heirs tho the throne of the deceased duke of Guleders) fought their battle.

 The town of Venlo undre attack
 The defenders
 and the attackers.
 Overview of the terrain
with the city of Venlo as the target of both parties.

Some pictures of games which were shown. Sorry that I cannot remember all the names of the clubs involved. I hadn't a lot of time to see everything and only made a quick tour  around the show.

Starting with a look at the crowd at Hall 1
 Three pictures (above and beneath)of the great AWI game by THS.

 A 54mm battle
 Napoleonic batle with 2 dimensial figures .

28 mm figures by North Star for the 1672-1680 period; these look very good on the table.

A ww2 game
 followed by a game situated in Korea

ACW game by La Grande Armee

 20mm WWgame
 1745 game in 15mil
 BOB game

1914 game Crush the Kaiser in 20mm

 A great idea with she smoke signals.

Pike and shot society "thinking?"

Dave as bookseller

A great Napoleonic battle was fougjht