Sunday, December 18, 2011

As the year ends

Well, you know, that when the year ends, the Alde Grade has it's problems. No internal conflict in the club (I have more weight then Peter so I always can persuade him) but we have to decide what to do for the next year Crisis.
Crisis, you ask? It's in November next year. Well yes, it is.
But we are only two, so we have to plan far ahead to get something ready for the next year's Crisis as we want a "new" game in Antwerp and our time for wargaming, including painting/making terrain etc is restricted.

So what will it be. We have two options: the around 1500 period in the Netherlands (Gueldress against the  Hapsburg forces) or the French Revolution.
In fact we decided that the 1500 period will be it. Not decided on rules yet (although WAB looks the best deal as we used it already for our earlier demo and we have problems in learning new rules (our name Alde Garde (or old guard) isn't just fun but refers to our age (over 110 together now). Figure scale will be 25/28mm. At least, we can paint Landsknechten, late Medieval knights etc.

The French Revolution will be our next project for 2013, at least we think about it but 2013 is also the 200th birthday of the 1813 campaign; I (Jan) loves to do the battle of Liebertwolkwitz; alll those cavalry. So you never know.

We got our website (www.alde also working again at last, so you will see some amendments in the near future. Peter will add info about the 1672-1700 period and Jan will add to his ongoing French Revolution information. Also some internal website work will be done.
Also I have added some info on the other blog about the FR:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crisis 2011

As always, our whole club visited the yearly Crisis show in Antwerp. We had a new demo about the beginning of the nine years war (the year 1690 to be precise).
As always, the show was great so we compliment all members of TSoA (Tin Soldiers of Antwerp) for all the great work they put into it.
The show was crowded; it seems that people stayed longer then other years.

Worean says hi

The games presented were of high level


And of course our own demo

Time, that's the problem

As wargaming is just only part (although an important part) of our living; other things has taken a lot of time. This is the reason that our blog wasn't updated for some time. Hopefuly this can be corrected in the following weeks.

Website problems

As some of you maybe have noticed (at least we hope that someone in the world have a look at it), we haven't updated the website for some time now. But we have some technical problems with it which until now haven't been solved. We hope that we can fix it, otherwise some other drastic measures have to be taken.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Slag om Gelre (battle for Gueldres)

For three days we participated with three demo games at the reenactment event "Slag om Gelre" which was organised by the "Gelres Overkwartier"( ).
Some pictures of our tables we presented were:
A Seven Years one (in 15mm) which showed the siege of a fortress

 Our medieval battle for the castle of Horst (Netherlands) in 1368 in 25mm

 And the battle for th city of Haarlem in 1672; again in 15mm. In the background the model of the city.

All the battles were partly fictitious but with a historical touche.

Sunday, May 8, 2011