Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Crisis 2018

As you know, the Alde Garde always tries to be at Crisis as it is a great, friendly show. Meeting other wargamers and talk to them about the hobby, seeing all those great games and trying to find new ideas for our own games.

And then of course, the friendly atmosphere and the perfect organisation, what better could a wargames wish.

This year it was a little bit different for us as we had made a demo game but we were not playing. That part was taken out of our hands by our friends of the Gentlemen Pensioners who came over for a weekend Antwerp and of course playing our demo.

On the left from front to back; Will, Peter and John. On the right Steve and David.
Neils head can be seen in the background while manning the stand of the Lance and Longbow  Society while Dave and Lynne cannot be seen as they are manning their bookstore.

Pictures of the game situated in the Eastern part of the Netherlands and in the year 1511, it portrayed a "what if" scenario of the Guelders Wars.

But of course, there were a lot of other demo's and participation games at Crisis and boy, they were very good.. For the most part our pictures don't do them justice but here we go.
And please, keep in mind that we just had little time to tour the two halls and take pictures . There were a lot of great games around but we just hadn't time to take pictures,

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Open Monumentendag/Nationale Figurendag

In the Weekend of September 8th was the so called "Open Monumentsday " in the Netherlands in which a lot of historical buildings are open to the public.
logo open monumenten dag

On the same day was held the National Tin Figures day at the fortress of Vechten in which also the Dutch Waterline Museum has opened its doors some years back.
The Open day was partly in the exhibition rooms, partly in other rooms of the fortress. Some (older) pictures of the fortress of an earlier visit.

We, with another group (who were demoing 1940; the bridge of Rotterdam), were asked to give a wargames demonstration on the figures day on Saturday but we were also invited to give a wargames  demonstration  to some groups of schoolchildren who also got a tour through the fortress and museum on Friday.
We had our 1692 game with us, made up some easy rules for the kids and after giving first a short intro, let them play. We, and hopefully the children also, had a great time.

Saturday, the figures day, was a succes. A lot of people came and for the first time saw tin figures and also our wargames. Maybe we convert some to our hobbies.

Some pictures of Friday. Please don't think we played with criminals but the s.....d privacy rules forced us to block the childrens faces; what a shame.
A big thanks to Yvon, Anne-Marieke en Terry for all their work before and on this day.

And pictures from saturday

Of the pictures of the Rotterdam bridges only one was suitable to show. But don't hesitate; come to Crisis  Antwerp -first weekend of November 2018, have a look at their demo which will be bigger again, and buy May 1940 figures which are the only correct 1940 Dutch 28mm figures around.