Sunday, December 9, 2012

2013 Planning

Our 2013 wargames theme that we are working on right now is the early 16th century. Which year exactly and were it will be situated must stil be fought over during our "club" sessions but probably it will be a (fictitious) battle in the Netherlands in 1507 between forces of the Duke of Gueldres (aided by Imperial troops) and the King of France.
Painting has started and the first try out of our intended rules, Pike and Shotte from the Warlord stable, will be soon.
So, time and money permitted, Gendarmes, Landsknecht and other early renaissance troops will grace our wargames table.

Pics from the wargames painting table. The workbench is full of figures which need to be painted.

Monday, November 5, 2012

CRISIS 2012 is over

Saturday november 3rd: Crisis 2012. A new place to go with our 15mm Napoleonic demo after years in Metropolis.
We thought it a great place, better then Metropolis and, as we were early to built up the demo, we had no problem in finding a parking space. We understood that other had, thanks to the city of Antwerp, more problems in finding some space.
There were some hick-ups at the bar facilities and at one time a looooong queue existed but we had no problems to get our needed drinks. But it was the first time in a new venue so TSoA will sort this out for next year (remember how they fixed the bad lightning in Metropolis?)

So, congratulations of the whole Alde Garde to all who were involved in planning and realising this great show and of course seeing you next year.

Of course we took some pictures (who also will appear on our website-yes we will update this in the near future) but we found that we had too little time to browse around and take pictures, talk to people and do shopping. Must plan better next year.

Worean: Rokes drift

1793: Vendee in 15mm

De achterhoede: Indonesia 1941

Napoleonic 25mm by Stipzisc Huzaren
Lla Grande Armee: siege of Haarlem

Barry Hiltons' Warfare miniatures and table

And of course, some pictures of our 1812 demo:
We used Black Powder as rulesset and the figures were 15mm Minifigs, Essex, Warmodelling and various other makers.
Spanish village
Emloyment of the French; the British are waiting

crossing the mountain
Overview of the table
Hick up: there is only one road and when the dice are bad for the first unit you have a problem!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Crisis 2012

As Crisis draws nearer, of course the Alde Garde is preparing for a game there. We wouldn't like to miss it; a new and bigger venue, more stands for selling stuff and probably more wargames demos.
We will be there.
As we couldn't find the time to present something completely new, we will present a 1812 Napoleonic/Peninsular demo in 15mm with Black Powder rules.
As our shako battalions wer only about 12 or 16 figures we have to expand them to at least 24 figures (but a lot will be in the 30/36 figure range so painting it is).
Also the terrain will be added.