Friday, November 18, 2022

Annual meeting Dutch Foundation for Model Figures

We were asked to stage a wargame for the Annual meeting of the Dutch Foundation for Model Figures (Nederlandse Stichting voor Modelfiguren).
As this was to be held in the National Tin Figures Museum (Nationaal Tinnen Figuren Museum) at Ommen, Netherlands and of course we always like to give attention to wargames plus the special attention of the annual meeting was to the Batavian Republic, we were gladly to give a demonstration with our French Revolution game (just before the Batavian Republic).

There were two interesting lectures about the Batavian period and its army by Geert van Uythoven (his book about the 1799 Russian-British invasion of Holland - The Secret Expedition- is recommended) and Marijn Vink.

The museum at Ommen is recommended and, although not very big, houses a lot of great big diorama's, the history of tin figures and about 50 smaller diorama's by Wieringa which we think are great. Therse are not (always) about military history but about general history.

Some pictures of our game:

 And of course pictures of the Ommen museum:

Friday, October 21, 2022

Some pictures of additions to our FR armies

 We had some additions to our FR armies so we thought to share them with you.

Starting with the French; the new horse artillery battery took the field together with an older line battery.

Of course we have an limber and ammunition wagon added. All figures are by Eureka; only the ammunition wagons are bij Warbases.

We also completed the Dutch artillery battery received their ammunition wagon (by warbase); the artillerist figures are by Emperor Toad; the limber and riders by Eureka.

And the Dutch infantry was strengthen with the Hollandse Garde. As no one makes the flags we handpainted these ourselves. 

The original flag is underneath (from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam). As the orange flag is not known, I used the same motivs, just changed the base colour in orange.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Hussars of Von Glasenapp- their camp and a mock battle

 At the end of August the reenactment group of the Hussars of Von Glasenapp celebrated that they were raised 25 years ago. They portray the Frei Husaren in Prussian service from around 1760.

They had a weekend of festivities with a camp with more reenactors and 2 mock battles.

We were there and took some pictures of the various groups.