Wednesday, November 24, 2010

League of Augsburg it will be

When we were preparing our new demo for next year (we always try to design something new for the Crisis Show in Atwerp) we thought of the 1672-1678 period (The socalled Dutch Wars).

After a lot of discussion in "our group" we came to the conclusion, that the fighting in the earlier period of this war (1672 or 1673), mostly would be no bigger then skirmishing which was something we wouldn't want to portray.
Also, our availbable figures were Dixons and Foundry which were more suitable for a later period.

So, our demo for Crisis will be a battle of the earlier War of the League of Augsburg.
Let's hope that we will manage to paint all the figures we want and  get the new terrain ready.

Get back, for new information about the progress we make.

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