Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crisis 2011

As always, our whole club visited the yearly Crisis show in Antwerp. We had a new demo about the beginning of the nine years war (the year 1690 to be precise).
As always, the show was great so we compliment all members of TSoA (Tin Soldiers of Antwerp) for all the great work they put into it.
The show was crowded; it seems that people stayed longer then other years.

Worean says hi

The games presented were of high level


And of course our own demo

Time, that's the problem

As wargaming is just only part (although an important part) of our living; other things has taken a lot of time. This is the reason that our blog wasn't updated for some time. Hopefuly this can be corrected in the following weeks.

Website problems

As some of you maybe have noticed (at least we hope that someone in the world have a look at it), we haven't updated the website for some time now. But we have some technical problems with it which until now haven't been solved. We hope that we can fix it, otherwise some other drastic measures have to be taken.