Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Idea

As said earlier, as we are just the two of us, we have to plan ahead what our next demo will be. After heavy debates we have come to the conclusion (we both agree) that the 1500 period in 25mm was a little bit difficult regarding our tight professional schedule; it would cost too much time to have a decent demo for Crisis 2012.
So back to the design table.
Strangly one way or the other, Spain/Peninsular War in 15mm emerged as a solution but with bigger battalions then we hav used before. Using Black Powder as rules our 15mm Shako battalions wil grow to appr. 30 figures each.
A long time wish to give 15mm again attention but giving more substance to the individuel battalion is realised. The only thing is needed is info about a good Peninsular battle in 1812 or we have to fall back on the wargames solution, a what if cenario. 
We even have spoken about using Black Powder for more periods so maybe one day our cherished 15 mm Seven Years War again will be presented  in bigger units on the demo-tabel.

We are also interested to see if the Black Powder amendment for the Peninsular War will give extra infomation about using the rules for this great wargame period.

 The 1500 period, and of course the French Revolution will not be forgotten but will just be put one year earlier. Maybe we already can start on that in 2012.

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