Sunday, April 1, 2012

Action, 1690 Demo

As said earlier, the British Forces wargames show at GHC Rheindahlen had its last run "again". But now it was announced that it really was the last show. Its name changed to RE-Action, it was a nice day (we only could attend Saturday). Nice atmosphere, good games and a lot of talking to fellow wargames and public. Traders offered a lot of prices for the raffle but again we didn't won anything.
Here are some photo's of our game:

Some photos of other presented games:
10mm looks very good in mass (although too small for the eyes of the Alde Garde !!)

Napoleonic in 28mm (La Grande Armee)

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  1. Some great photos!!!The 1690 game looks good, but that Biplanes given me a headache!!