Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FIGZ 2013

Already some years a show for smaller figures is held under the name FIGZ.
Last year's and this year show was held in Arnhem (yes, of "A bridge too far" fame) and, in comparison to last year, the 2013 edition grew with more wargamers had tables reserved to present their figures.
Of course, a lot of modellers showed also their, mostly of 20mm,  diorames and vignettes.
These were of high quality.

We liked the show, had talkes with a lot of different people and saw some old friends.

As the building where the show was held, was divided in two parts, the left part was occupied by the wargamers clan plus the sales stands, the right side was mostly the modelling side of our hobby.

The pictures underneath are of the wargames side of the show, other pictures of (mostly) the modelling brotherhood you can find at  and
Look, the only fight I won!!! (half of the "Achterhoede club" is really exited)

Yes, that one ( and forced me to take a second picture to save this moment in history)

 figures of the Achterhoede game of around 1920

 20mm viking game
the Worean team sitting exhausted, not from the sales but because they couldn't find the figz site and drove around in Arnhem. 

a ww1 air game: Wings of War

 Two pictures from a ww2 Bolt action game

 a tank battle presented by the "Hired Gun" club from Uden. Nice to see you again.

A viking game presented by Murphys Heroes from Delft

Overview of our 1812 Peninsular War 15mm demo game. Rules: Black Powder. The first one from the french starting position, the second one from  the destination position for the French.
Or the picture from  the heli we hired (thanks Patrick)

The French coming from 
the mountains and have to cross the table to escape over the pontoonbridges in the foreground. The Spainish are in their back and right flank. On the plain,  the British try to cut of their retreat from the right flank.
So after crossing the ravine by a bridge
Yes, this bridge. 
With the first British tourists in Spain (?)

They have to cross the mountain plain via a mountain path (they have to defend to their right flank against Spanish guerillas) and 

 via the small mountain road

 descend to the plain;

 light cavalry leading
 where they have to deal with the flank attack by the lobsters.

 So the French deployed

 Here sadly ends the report because the reporter was shot (which sounds better then the battery of the camera failed!!!)

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  1. It was a nice day, and I did enjoy to see you again on FIGZ.
    Lets do it again on june 1st 2014 ;-)
    Cool pictures you made here!