Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Impact Uden - 1690 battle

On the 26th of may, a wargames show, called IMPACT, was organised for the second time by the local club "Hired Guns. Although ït wasn't a big show, it was nice, had a friendly sphere and we promised to show up next year, which in fact says it all.
Fome pictures of the show itself, goto

At the wargames show we presented a 1690 demo between the forces of the Dutch Republic and the French of the Sun King, Louis XIV.
Figures in 25/28mm, rules of course Beneath the Lily Banners.
Photo's of our demo underneath
The battle, French in the forground, Dutch in the background

french cavalry flank

Dutch cavalry

French left flank with hussars, artillery and infantry

the redoubt, protecting the bridge. A prisoner (?) is beheaded in the background. 

Dutch infantry from behind

 French infantry is deploying
 3 squadrons of royal cravattes
and their dutch adversaries

dutch dragoons (left) and cavalry

the redoubt

cavalry clash, the French cavalry aided by dismounted dragoons. These did well.

Dismounted French dragoons on the flank

dutch infantry

Carriage of a Dutch general

followed by infantry

Command post

Dutch cavalry to the rescue

followed by artillery


  1. Seems you two had a good time there!
    Always nice to see your game ;-)

  2. Looks a fantastic game, love the redoubt.