Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crisis 2013; change of plans

Well, as Crisis (the Tin Soldier of Antwerp show) is only some months away, it became clear that the time we could spent on our new demo (early Renaissance in the Netherlands) was so little, that we never would finish the demo at the quality we liked it to be.

So back to the drawing board.
The result is, that we will recycle our Medieval armies for a demo of the 1st Guelders War of Succession (1371-1379) but of course with some new terrain.
We will present an imaginary battle outside the walls of Venloo in the eastern part of the Netherlands, then part of the Duchy of Gueldress.
So Peter is building the city walls of Venloo around this period.

Some pictures of the work underway:

As the city walls of Venloo are all vanished, we also had a look at the tower entrance of Bergen op Zoom. Two pictures of these; the outside and the inside.

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