Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Visiting Maastricht

Visiting the city of Maastricht, a quick visit to part of it's surviving fortifications was planned.
The fortifications are in the 1860 situation.
Some pictures Peter took.

Tunnel through the curved flank of a bastion.

Outside of the curved flank with loopholes and ventilation openings above.

 The face and salient of the Holstein bastion and opposite the loopholed counterscarp with a sortie door opposite the salient.

 A lunet protecting the Holstein bastion. Watch the steep way up and the flank protections of the lunet.
            On the right the door of the tunnel leading to the bastion underneath the dry moat.
            On the left the door is closed with brickwork.

The right wing of a couvre-face protecting the front of a bastion. To the utmost right the edge of a lunet.

To the right, the lunet in front of the couvre-face.

A large sortie to let through mounted troops, protected by a drawbridge. The drawbridge is covered by loopholes on its flank and the pit below is also covered by loopholes beneath the moat-level. 

  Another, but now smaller sortie. The drawbridge has been removed meanwhile.