Monday, November 3, 2014

Crisis 2014 Antwerp (2)

 Two pictures of the ACW battle by Stipsicz Hussars
I think the WW2 game by the twofatlardies

WW1 game

And some pictures of our 1507 Demo about a year in the Guelders war


  1. Your Guelders War game looks really good, always great to see loads of Landsknechts and Gendarmes on the table!

  2. I liked your new game a lot, heard the last paintjob was the night before hahaha
    The strange part is, every time I came by, I only did see Jan.
    So I hope Peter was there as well...
    Nice report, and until next time (FIGZ 2015?)
    Greetings Remco

  3. thanks for the comment.
    Remco, as it fit in our schedule, of course we will be there