Monday, November 3, 2014

Crisis 2014 Antwerp (1)

Crisis 2014 is history already.
As always a great show which earns a big thanks from us for the organising club TSoA and hopefully seeing you all in 2015.
Our demo was positioned, together with other, great demos and participation games, in the second hall. This year this hall had received new lighting so was now a great venue.

As we are just the two of use, we never have sufficient time to go around the stands and tables a lot so only a few photos are underneath.
Although a lot of WWII games were presented, none had a better layout then the battle of Keren. Great innovative terrain looking great.
some detail of the steep hill

WWII Flames of War

Battleground game by Gent-Brugge club 

Another WW2 game going on

A modern war, good looking table.

the Witte Ridder club with a flames of war game

WW1 Tannenberg with Crush the Kaiser rules. We must look into these to use with our 20mm WW1 figures

54mm figure battle. Always have a certain charme those big figures

a winter war (40K?) game

like the river terrain

a mighty castle

"Well lit" medieval tents  

French and Indian War was well presented with this demo


  1. Nice games, the Battle of Keren was impressive indeed!

  2. as Always a really beautifull game table!! next time i leave the wife and kid at home so i have more time to speak with you guys.
    greetings, jack (from venlo)

  3. Thanks for the comments, and looking forward speaking (longer) to you Jack.

  4. Very nice photos on both reports!

    I really need to work out though... my belly looks far too huge on the one photo where one can see it! ;-)

  5. Well, You haven't seen me in profile??