Friday, September 18, 2015

28mm Sarissa mill

Being at Salute we bought some Sarissa stuff; one of them the 28mm post windmill in 2mm mdf.
Building it for our 28mm demo its a nice model which is very easy to build. 
But imho it misses some features of this kind of mill. As you can see of the picture of a Dutch "standerdmolen" underneath, it misses it's central standard beam on which the mill itself rotates and it misses the beam (tail) which is used to get the mill into the wind. Both peaces I have added (see picture of adding in progress) plus added some extra details. I have painted the mill grey/dark red.
work in progress


  1. Geweldig mooie molen zeg, ook perfecte kleurstelling gebruikt!

  2. Remco, bedankt.
    In het echt is hij nog mooier volgens mij. Prima product van Sarissa