Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Impact 2016

On april 3rd 2016 the wargames club "Hired Guns" will organise their anual show "Impact" at Eindhoven, Netherlands.
As this is a new venue we are very anxious to be there on the 3rd.

Hope to see you there. We bring our 1507 demogame.

Warcon Gent

Warcon28 is gone.
A new venue which, although for some hard to find, has great potential for the future.
Better communication about Warcon beforehand would be advisable to get more people inside but at least a lot of clubs show up and had a great time.
So did we.
We had our 1692 demo with us,underneath some picture of our demo. Of course, more will be on our website soon.

Hope to see you all at Warcon29 next year and big thanks to all the members of the organising club "Thunderbolts" from Gent.They did a great job.