Thursday, October 13, 2016

Building department busy for Crisis

The Alde garde building department aka Peter is perparing new terrain for Crisis.
As we are needing new terrain pieces we used the walls/tower of the old village of Arcen in the Netherlands as an example to build.
The first impression is underneath.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Crisis 2016

As we already said earlier, our planned demo of the War of the Austrian Succession is cancelled as we both (yes, the whole Alde Garde is just two) had too many bussiness and private commitments to finish it.
So now we plan  to take an upgraded early 1500 demo with us.
Hopefully we see you at Crisis.

Warcon Ghent 2017

We saw the sad news that the Warcon 28 Wargames show in Ghent is cancelled. We don't know the reasons as anly a small snippet of news was published on their Facebook site.
It's a pity as last year was a nice day; organised by a new team in a new venue but I suppose they have their reasons.
All the luck to them for 2018 of course.

Open day of the NSM and the cavalry museum

On the 24th of September we participated with our 1692 demo in the joined open day of the Dutch Society for Modelfigures (Nederlandse Stichting voor Modelfiguren or NSM) and the Dutch Cavalry Museum, both at the Bernhard Barracks in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Almost 1000 visitors were counted who visited the stand of the NSM, an RC club with various scaled modeltanks who often circelled around us, the cavalry museum and ride on the real things, the tanks which were used by the Dutch armoured cavalry in past years.
I suppose for most visitors this was the best part of the day but a lot of them found their way to our table and were were all day busy explaining why wargaming is such a great hobby.

Maybe of interest to you the sites of the NSM and of the cavalry museum are:


Cavalry museum:

underneath are some pictures but most of them are on our site.