Sunday, November 6, 2016

Crisis 2016: a great TSoA event again

As each year the Alde Garde visited the Crisis show with a demo.
This year an older demo with additions or a version 2 if you want.

The show is always a great pleasure te visit; seeing old friends, visit various traders  (and spending money), and talking to the same minded wargamers. Crisis 2017; here we come.
And of course a great thanks to all the members of TSoA; they do a great job, year after year.

This year they also baked and baked with great enthousiasm whole mountains of sausages and hamburgers (along with thousands of other things) which turned hal 1 in light blue clouds and bakery smells; we are a little bit glad our demo table was in hal 2.

Some pictures we took of all the great games and demos going on; sadly we had only very litttle time to take pictures. So our excuses to clubs of which we haven't any pictures.
Of course we end with pictures of our demo.

Hope to see you next year at Crisis!


And some pictures of our demo:


  1. Again a pleasure to see you guys, with a amazing game.
    It was a nice day, even with the smell of Hamburgers in Belgium!
    Until next time!!!

    1. Remco, thanks.
      See you at FIGZ or maybe at the Eindhoven show

  2. Thank you for the splendid pictures.

  3. Great looking game guys - I love the earthworks and brick fortifications!