Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The Alde Garde will be there with a demo, hope to see you there also!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Nationale Figuren Dag September 8th 2018

Maybe you don't know the Nederlandse Stichting voor Modelfiguren (Dutch foundation for Model figures) but they exist already a long time but the last years they try to promote model figures more then in prior years. Wargames figures and wargaming is included.
their Logo

On September the 8th a National Figures day will be organised in the Waterlinie museum in Bunnik with workshops eg about how to make and/or paint figures and other demo's, figure market, wargaming (various clubs will be there) and of course visit the museum.
The Alde Garde will also be there with a demo so hopefully we will see you there.

For more information about the figures day go to:  http://modelfiguren.nl/Figurendag/index.html  

The Waterlinie museum is in the fortress of Vechten and you can visit the museum of course.
Some pictures we took there some 2 years ago:

Monday, May 21, 2018

Dutch books for the 80Years War

As we were at the TAG figures we also like to mention two books on the 80 Years War. Sadly for English speaking readers, these are in Dutch but who knows?

The first is a book on the military history of the 80 Years War. It's the first part in a series initiated by the NIMH (Dutch Institute for Military History) and will end up in the present time.
This work pretends to deal with the development of tactics and strategies of both land and naval forces during this period.
I'm curious if the book adds some extra insight to the subject as some publications of the past years which will be mentioned underneath, didn't.
Unfortunately for English readers most books on the subject are in Dutch only. The ospreys of course are in English.
When more information/books appear we will keep you informed.
by the NIMH


Saturday, May 12, 2018

TAG 80 Years War figures

As You maybe know, Peter (half of the Alde Garde) is fascinated by the 80 Years War and is very anxious by the announcement of The Assault Group (TAG in short) that they will bring out figures for this period. Good figures for this period, especially the 1568-1600 period, are almost not available (Old Glory is an exception) so this announcement is great!

Pictures of the new range, sculpted by Nick Collier for TAG, underneath. TAG starts with "late"  Landsknechts (already on their site) with Dutch/Spanish on their hiels (just greens yet).
First there are packs of pikeman:

and arquebusiers

and of course comand

Dollies for Spanish/ Dutch

Monday, May 7, 2018

Small exhibition in Arcen castle

We were asked to add some of our wargame material to an exhibition in the Arcen Castle so we put some small part of our collection temporarily there.
Some pictures of Arcen castle first:

the entrance tot the castle terrain

the main building

the monumental entrance
the castle and (part of) its gardens. The Arcen castle is famous for its gardens and attracts a lot of tourists each year.                                       We got this picture of their site, our chopper has broken down, sorry.

Some pictures of our models at the exhibition underneath.
When you have seen our games of last years, maybe you recognise some of the models we use at the various wargames shows we attended.