Monday, November 6, 2017

Crisis 2017

And again, the Alde Garde went to the yearly wargames event in Antwerp called Crisis.
And as each year, we were not disappointed as we enjoyed the show very much and of course the Alde Garde will be there again next year at full strength.

Congratulations to all the members of the TSoA who each year make this event possible and they must put a lot of effort in the show to the benefit of traders, gamers and the public. Just great !

We had a new demo game situated in 1793 or in the French Revolutionary period (which is Jan's favourate period)  and at last we had the opportunity to show it for the first time.
Peter excelled in making part of a Vauban period fortress which got the most attention and admiring remarks but to our surprise the "Milka cow" almost got first place.

We will end this message with pictures of our game but first show pictures of a lot of games on Crisis. We hadn't time to collect alle the names of the clubs or to take pictures of all the games as the time we could leave the table was't enough to wander around.
What we did see were a lot of great demo and participation games and we admire a lot of great painted models, figures terrain etc. Of course traders showed a lot of new figures but as the tin mountains of the Alde Garde members almost led the ceiling collaps our hunt was restricted.

And at last, it is always a joy to talk to a lot of people about gaming, history, figures, terrainmaking or just a a chat. Be it old acquaintances which we met almost every Crisis (or other shows) or new ones. It is great talking to you so don't hesitate the next time to come to our table.

And now the pictures of Crisis:

 Stipsizs Hussars'demo of 1302

a blood and plunder game; nice settings

Turfschip van Breda

A trenton game, great settings

Dystopian war by Militia Brabant

two pictures of  War in Africa, very nice table 

A veeeeeeeery long warhammer setting: impressive

Nordic War refight of Poltava, thousand of figures; we love this 1700 period

We are sorry that we don't have a picture of all the demo's and participation games going on, we lacked time or sometimes the quality of the pictures wasn't good enough to show here.

And then our own table: French Revolution in 1793; a period which isn't played a lot so ideal for the Alde Garde.
French units attacking Austrian and Dutch troops who a trying to reach safety in the Fortress (as said, newly build by Peter). Some pictures starting with pictures of the fortress with of course overneath the flag of the Alde Garde and above the entrance A-G :

underneath the village were the Dutch provision train started:
in the right under corner the now almost famous Milka cow

French troops emerging from the woods
The hand of god, wearing the green sign of Crisis!

But there must be time to enjoy biljart; but even on the battlefield ?

Jans'T-shirt was probably washed to hot. And he himself is shrinking also it seems.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pré Crisis mess

Well, Crisis is nearby

And it is in 2,5 weeks, both workshops of the Alde Garde are in full swing to get the game ready. Some pictures were already up, some more: