Sunday, March 26, 2023

The first Dutch heavy cavalry: the Karabiniers Oranje-Friesland

 I have finished the first Dutch heavy cavalry regiment. It is a special unit as it consisted in fact of two smaller regiments

Normally the Dutch cavalry (heavy cavalry and dragoons) consisted of 4 squadrons but the Karabiniers Oranje-Friesland consisted of two two squadron strong regiments: 

- the Orange Carabiniers van zijne Hoogheid (payed by the province of Holland) and
- Orange-Vriesland (payed by the province of Friesland)

By the way, the above mentioned names come from the officer register of 1790 (Naamregister der Heeren militaire officieren....)

The uniform was according to the "Jassenboekje" white with blue facings but with gold buttons for the Orange-Vriesland and silver for the Orange Carabiniers. There were also other, smaller, differences in the dress of both regiments.

But unlike the "Jassenboekje" the plates by Coopmans (see underneath) and also by Duncan Macalester Loup show the Orange-Vriesland in a darker blue (gold buttons) and the Orange Carabiniers in a lighter blue (with silver buttons).


So I painted my regiments in two different colours.

As it was a heavy cavalry regiment it of course should have a flag but no flags of Dutch cavalry are known; only one plate show a vague orange coloured cavalry flag.
So on to the drawing board and I used on one side the heraldic sign of Stadtholder William V (which was the owner for both regiments) and on the other side the well known armoured arm with sword coming out of a cloud (used by a lot for Dutch regiments in te past).
As I don't know how to make these on the computer itself, I copied the two pictures and handpainted the flag.
So underneath some pictures of the regiment (or better two regiments). Sadly my standard bearer was glued not totally straight on the horse and I was afraid that I would damage the figure when I would correct that.

Figures by Emperor Toad.


Steve J. said...

Very nice work and some good background info too.

Alde Garde said...

thanks. I think it is always nice to give some background to the painting of the figures.