Monday, May 15, 2023

80 Years War miniatures


Before The Assault Group (or for short TAG) started sculpting their beautiful Long War range for the early 80 Years War period some years ago, I had started already many years before to collect suitable figures from other branches.

When painted, many of them fit well, although TAG will stay my favourite figures.

I keep buying TAGs' latest issues and will show them on this blog when painted.

Here already several pictures of cavalry from various branches for the first decades of the 80 Years War and one picture of artillery.

Old glory Huguenot Artillery

Old Glory generic gendarmes painted as Spanish

TAG German black reiters

TAG Spanish mounted arquebusiers

                                                                           TAG Spanish mounted arquebusiers in line

And the same in column

Wargames Foundry/Casting Room German Reiter

Wargames foundry/Casting Room Spanish generals

Warlord generic demi-lancers painted as Spanish

Warlord generic mounted arquebusiers painted as Dutch


Steve J. said...

Lovely work there and I've loved Morion helmets ever since watching 'The Flashing Blade' tv series as a kid, with one of the best themes ever!

uiduach OB said...

Very fine work.

StuartInsch said...

Nice figures.....the outdoor setting looks very natural

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for the nice comments.
I try to paint up more during the coming months.