Friday, March 1, 2024

New Romans and other news


It seems quit at the Alde Garde but that's not quiet true although not very many things were published here at our blog. Sorry for that.

We are both started with Romans (for both of us a totally new era!) and it is not one but two periods. Peter wants to do the Early Imperial Roman period and Jan likes to portray the later period so we both are painting figures. The first figures by Peter are here:

On the left some Aventine legionares miniatures; on the right Black Tree auxiliary troops/
Jan is still painting his first unit of late Romans which will appear here in due time.

Also Peter has new Dutch and Spanish miniatures painted (of course from the great range of TAG) and pictures will appear here soon while Jan is expanding his French Revolutionary war armies.

We both are painting our 11th century units, just have to find the time to take pictures. 

We will come back with more pictures soon.

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