Saturday, June 15, 2024

Scaleworld 2024 KMK Geel

On the 2nd of June 2024, Scaleworld, organised by the KMK group of Geel, Belgium was held. But of most importance for us was that for the first time a lot of wargamers were gathering there to have games and demos. The first wargames event we could visit for years! 
This wargames event was organised mostly by members of the Witte Ridder of Leopoldsburg, Belgium so a big thanks to them esp Patrick and Dominic (which we know for years already) but maybe more members of de Witte Ridders needs to be mentioned but sadly , and sorry for that, we don't know their names.

We love to chat to a lot of people (wargames and modellers), look at various presented games that were on and admire all efforts. And although there were ,in our humble opinion, some minuses regarding the location (celllar of the schollcomplex) and communication, we like to come back next year (hint, hint!).

To give some impression of the big modellers part of the show:

We had our French revolutionary game with us, so some pictures of our table:


And some pictures of other tables/demos etc. 

A great day, big thanks to the organisers and hopefully we will see each other at Crisis in September!


WimVdB said...

Looks like a nice event, I totaly missed. Though I live in Belgium...
See you at Crisis then, which is held this year in my home town!

Duke of Baylen said...

Some wonderful looking games, not least your own.
I think that's the largest group of Carlist cavalry I've seen!

Steve J. said...

Some lovely games there and nice for you to get to a show too. Let's hope you can go back next year but not in the cellar this time!

Alde Garde said...

sorry you missed it, was a nice one. The communication about the show (and specifically the wargames part) was bad imho.
See you at crisis.

Alde Garde said...

Duke of Baylen,
there were some good wargames on. The Carlist wargame was very nice and also a period you don't see wargames much (at least over here.

Alde Garde said...

Steve J
Thanks, there were nice games. And hopefully it will be next year; even in the cellar!