Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Museum day at the artillery museum 't harde in the Netherlands (part 2)

 As said in an earlier post, we had a nice wargame day at the artillery museum in 't Harde Netherlands. We have published the wargame pictures already, so it is time to publish other pictures we took from the museum and some of the artillery pieces which were on display in the open because of the open day.

First the museum pictures which first will be about the 1940 period, followed by the other European theater and lastly the KNIL period. Sadly the building of the pré 1815 period is closed thanks to a renovation. We only could take pictures of the 54 mm artillery display of a 1812 Dutch battery. (we think made by using Historex miniatures).

1940 period

Other periods:



And at last some pictures of the displays in the open:


Steve J. said...

Thanks for sharing and it makes me want to visit some military museums this Autumn if I can.

Fire at Will said...

Thanks,very interesting, especially seeing the gun colours


Alde Garde said...

Visiting museum is always a good idea. You mean in the Netherlands?

Alde Garde said...

thanks, nice that you like the pictures

James Fisher said...

Lovely photos from a marvellous collection/displays. Thank you.
Regards, James

Alde Garde said...

Thank you; the the displays in the museum was a surprise for us too